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Meet our Founder & Designer, Timbrel Chyatee

Introducing Timbrel Chyatee, the creative mastermind behind CHYATEE.

As a first-generation Indian-American, Timbrel calls both India and America home, and her designs reflect the rich cultural heritage of both countries. Her passion for fashion, handmade textiles, and making a positive difference in the fashion world is what inspired her to start CHYATEE.

At CHYATEE, Timbrel's designs are a unique blend of ancient and modern art, incorporating vibrant colors, bold silhouettes, and playful shapes that speak to everyone. Her love for handmade textiles is evident in every piece, and she takes pride in designing for people of all cultures.

Timbrel's designs are a true reflection of her passion for fashion. She believes that fashion should be real, good, and handmade, and she pours her heart and soul into every product she creates. Her goal is to provide a meeting ground and a brand that speaks to everyone, regardless of their background or culture.

At CHYATEE, we are proud to have Timbrel as our founder and head designer, and we are committed to creating fashion that is sustainable, ethical, and beautiful.

Join us in celebrating the unique and vibrant designs of Timbrel Chyatee and experience the magic of CHYATEE.