Our Story


Timbrel Chyatee

I had a strong desire to bridge my two cultures and love for fashion, so that is what I did. CHYATEE is an ethically made fashion label that began in my studio apartment in India. I was in my 20's, I was full of passion and pride and I knew I wanted to be in fashion, so that is exactly what I did, and I never looked back. I began CHYATEE in 2015 as a way to combine my love for fashion, people, art and culture. I wanted to create a brand with an ode to my South Asian background and North American upbringing.

Every piece designd at CHYATEE is handdesigned by me and created by my talented team of artisans and craftsman/woman. Using ancient forms of art such as hanwoven khadi, cottons and silks, blockprinting fabrics, naturally duing fibers, and zardozi work. Every CHYATEE collection is unique, vibrant and designed with a heartfull of love and dreams.

When you shop with CHYATEE you find yourself on a cultural journey of vibrant colors and bold statemant pieces. A little color and a lot of art never hurt anybody, RIGHT?