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Sustainable fashion has been part of Indian history for generations

When it comes to tackling fast fashion, it reminds us of a leader, who was well ahead of its time, who understood protecting the mother earth meant acting responsibly and was extremely aware of sustainability, none other than Mahatma Gandhi. He is not only an icon of peace but also an icon of sustainability.  He started a revolution in India to become independent and spin their own cloth – this was one of the first major steps towards sustainable fashion revolution globally.

It was in 1918, when he brought people together to spin a sustainable material called Khadi. Khadi holds a very important place in India’s history of freedom and independence. It is a textile fabric made by hand-spun and hand-woven cotton, silk, wool or a mixture of these fibers.

Today, Khadi is part of the solution for the major environmental crisis the world is facing. With sustainable fashion now becoming part of mainstream conversations, many shoppers have become open to embracing clothing made out of eco-friendly raw materials. Handwoven fabrics have a special significance in Indian history—not only in craft tradition, but also in the struggle for independence.

Handlooms and handicrafts are traditional methods of textile production in India and are considered sustainable as they require minimal energy and water. Some of the sustainable fashion brands in India are incorporating handloom and handicrafts into their designs, supporting local artisans and also preserving traditional textile techniques.

However, handmade clothes are rich in history, and these textiles face challenges from modernization. Although, efforts to bring back traditional techniques is one way of preserving cultural heritage and empowering artisans. It can be done by supporting artists that are introducing fusion clothing to the modern world. 

The introduction of fusion clothing is one way that transformed Indian fashion. Fusion clothing is a combination of modern, antique, and indo-western styles. These stylish, elegant fusions are very much popular with the western younger generation. This is a great way to bring people closer to traditional attire, preserving Indian culture and heritage.

CHYATEE, features a collection of clothing and accessories infused with the lush colors of CHYATEE'S indo-fusion style, and also offers custom-made clothing in more western styles for weddings and special events. Their mission is to bring the timeless beauty of these art forms to the modern world, and to do it with a sustainable mindset.

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